dongdaemun Health center

Message of Health Center Directior

As a public healthcare organization that is responsible for maintaining the mental and physical health of residents of Dongdaemun-gu, the Dongdaemun-gu Health Center works to meet the diversified medical needs of individual residents, and is making the best efforts to improve the quality of healthcare services...

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Operating Hour

09:00 ~ 18:00(12~13 Lunch Break)

Open Health Center Operating
Early care(Medicine) : Weekdays 08:00~09:00
Saturday care(2nd, 4th Week of Each Month) : Health screenings for foreigners

Information for Foreigners

  • Hospital / Clinics
  • Pharmacy
  • Foreign-related institutions link
  • CPR
  • Walking Course

Program Overview

  • Visiting Healthcare Program
  • National Cancer Managament Program
  • National Health Promotion Program
  • Mental Healthcare Program
  • Maternal / Infant Care Program
Medical Service Information
Civil Service
Medical Service Informaion
Medical Test Informaion
Medical Examination